Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My acts with Animation..

Right from my childhood, cartoons had fascinated me a lot. And yes I love to see cartoons even now and there's no rule that only small children must enjoy them.

The fascination for cartoons made me to sketch some characters, and I was doing a good job about it. Later I got serious into it and decided to learn a good amount of animation, the professional way. That took me to learn 3D studio max, better known as 3ds max.

Well animation is not as easy as I had thought about it. For that reason, nothing below the sky is going to be an easy thing. But when you have a good amount of interest even a mountain becomes a small dune !! (Hope i'm not going overboard :-D )

I did learn some good animation and here are some works of mine.

And this --LINK-- takes you to some more works of mine, done in 3ds max.

It's done for now..and i'l right back posting much about animation and my experiments with them :D

■ Dieu bĂ©nisse ■

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello World

By default you must be knowing that this is going to be the first post of this blog, of mine. :-)

All glories to God