Saturday, December 29, 2012

Roads of Chennai - 1

G.N. Chetty Road, T.Nagar

Roads are the blood vessels of a city. The more efficient they are, the more healthy the city is. 

Right from my childhood I had an interest to travel a lot - wide and long, but most importantly to every nook and corner of where I stay. And this led me to research on every road of Chennai.

Let me start with my most favorite - G.N.Chetty Road, where my sweet home is located. A good and great part of my life was spent, being spent and going to be spent on this lovely road. This road, along with the gorgeous trees remind me of the several such roads in Bangalore. This is one more reason for me to -just love it- My most favorite landmarks that dot this road are Vani Mahal, Hotel Residency, Dee Cee Manor, L'Accord Metropolitan and lots more. And that junction where G.N.Road meets Panagal Park..whew!!

Moving over, my next is 3rd Cross Street of CIT Nagar. It is rather a street than a road, but by the existing standard of the various lanes which are named as 'Roads' this one can very well pass as a road. This is where my school is situated and hence it has to make to my fav list :D More than anything this is the place, where several incidents - life changing - have happened. So this is one which I can never forget and be etched in my memory for ever.

Old 'M' Road - Well, to be honest, there's one OMR in B'lore which is expanded as Old Madras Road, i.e., the road which goes to Madras. And when I heard about the OMR of Chennai, I was damn sure that it that Madras road from B'lore. It was very long time later that I discovered that it is not the road from B'lore. And being honest one more time this road isn't exactly what I expected of a so called 'IT Highway'. It was a few years back that I had frequented this road, and for a fair amount of time, I had untouched this stretch. Now that my office is here, I travel along all time and nothing has changed, except for the designer buildings that dot over.

ECR - And this is another road which got me over-hyped. Long ago I read in some damned paper that this was a road of world-class and one of the best in the world. And this must be fairly 10 years back when I had no idea of ECR. And this is one which disappointed me heavily even while I being a child. And I stop here.

Other roads which I love the most and frequent a lot are 'roads of Tiruvallikeni'. Each and every road in Tiruvallikeni has a story to tell. Though I may not be aware of them, it shows on my face, when I walk through these. While walking through these roads, I go back in time, to the ages when I didn't exist. Such serenity and divinity of the roads, that they take you to the mythological Aayarpadi or Gokulam, where Krishna lived. The cows that abound add an extra flavor to these roads (irony intended here :P)

Durgabai Deshmukh Road, which I feel is one the widest road around, is yet another which charms me always. Added with the Thiru Vi Ka Bridge, it makes a good driving experience along this stretch.

Besant Nagar Promenade is yet another which I love. The cool breeze soothes one, though the 'fish smell' irritates the vegetarian in me.

Thus said I stop for now. There a quite a lot more on the roads which I feel, must share, which will be done soon. So take care and keep exploring..

God Bless..

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