Thursday, January 17, 2013


The post heading says so..and here I post about Chennai..

Honestly saying I never liked Chennai when I came here first, some 10 years back. I hated this place so much that I'd keep constantly grumbling and complaining.

..Paatha Pudikadhu, Paaka Paaka Than goes the thathuvam. In the similar way, Irundha Pudikadhu, Iruka Iruka Than Pudikum Namma Chennai ah.

Chennai as seen from my home

Today I say that Chennai is one my most loved places. I'm not a avid traveler, but still I've traveled to many places all over India and clearly Chennai is one of the best cities around here to stay.

Within Chennai, my most favorite is home sweet home, in T.Nagar. If a novel were ever written on my life, the best part of it would go describing T.Nagar. If I love Chennai, it can be, or rather, it should be, attributed to this lovely place tucked within the heart of Chennai. When someone says T.Nagar to any person (Chennai person more specifically) the first thing that would remind them would be the showrooms and their discounts and the crowded streets. Of course they do exist, but the better portion of T.Nagar is its residential colonies, where I reside. I can keep on talking and posting about it, so I reserve a future post entirely for T.Nagar, which would be coming soon.

In an earlier post, I had described about some of the roads of Chennai. And here I go right about the city itself.

The first thing a person (especially a Bangalore person) gets reminded about Chennai, on hearing its name, is that, this place is hot and sultry. True that this place is hot and sultry, but one gets used to and even love it, and believe me, I cannot count a day, if I hadn't sweated out!!

The next thing is Cooum (+Adyar). Of course its true that these 'rivers of sorrow' flow right through the heart of Chennai, creating a stench, too awkward, though they drishti kazhuchify the remaining beauty of our Chennai.

Let's chuck out these and move on to the better of Chennai. Yep, the beaches. Given a choice between the hill and the ocean, I would always choose the ocean, coz I have a mild acrophobia :D The crowded Marina, the serene mouth of Adyar along the Broken Bridge, the short Elliots, the somewhere-along-way VGP, the coast along ECR, the far-away Kovalam, the marvelous Mamallapuram,  et al are really awe!!! And not to forget the promenades along some of these beaches.

An another fascination that I have is that for bridges. And here goes the list of those which I love in Chennai. The Napier Bridge, Chintradripet Bridge, Broken Bridge and its neighbor Thiru Vi Ka Bridge, Marmaimalai Adigal Bridge (previously Marmalong Bridge), Kotturpuram Bridge, and few more tiny ones whose name I dont even know. Please don't come to a conclusion that I've lost my ability to smell, as some of the above mentioned bridges fall under the 'stinkiest' places of Chennai :o :D Its just the serenity of space being present below my foot, fascinates me.

My love for Chennai goes still long and further, which continues in a future post. Take care and keep reading.

God Bless..