Monday, December 24, 2012

My tryst with JAVA

In the good old younger days of mine, all I knew about Java was that it is a good 'Honeymoon' destination.. [ thinking of honeymoon destination while being young.., well this shows how good and innocent I was ;) ]

But of-course, later I came to know about the prog-lang Java. I had always expected it to be a very gruesome one, which would deny mercy. And it proved wrong. Java was something great in the good side, and horrible though, going the other way.

Java is platform independent, no more technical stuffs here on!!

My earlier C and C++ knowledge was supposed to help me in college when JAVA became a subject. Though it didn't let me way hell down, never did it take me high in anyway.

I did manage my way through it and lo..I was really not that bad as I had self-estimated to be.

Sems went through and JAVA was an old friend [old not-in-touch contact number, for better] by that time and I had to meet my old friend again.

Joining my office, good old JAVA gave a 'hot' welcome and it was so hot that i got my '@' burnt by it [though it got healed by a technical-medical miracle :P]

to be continued..