Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Romance on Facebook

Well well..this post isn't about any romantic encounters that I might have had in FB :P, but my opinion about a book which has the name.

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As a FB addict and also familiar with many such 'incidents', I quite had an interest on seeing the title. The story started to be as this one - a woman from Mumbai, finds her teenage crush in FB, after 19 years. Now she is happily married and the guy is also married and settled in the U.S (I don't remember his state and its not of relevance here too) And she initiates the 'romance' by sending him a friend request along with a message and he also recognizes her. And slowly they start chatting over FB. 

Now I had mentioned that both of them are married and a special 'happily married' for Geethi, our heroine. Yeah, it forms a crucial part of the storyline. Now the question arises, where the hell is the romance between a 'happily married Indian woman' and some guy whom she last met 19 yrs back, that too settled in the U.S currently..?!

Our hero Sid aka Siddartha is a nothing short of a playboy who has had many casual + serious relationships until he was steady to settle down with Anu, his wife. Geethi's hubby Ravi is a perfect gentleman, by the Indian, as well as, the International standards. 

The introduction goes great and so does the story. Sid and Geethi start sharing their lives through messages through messages, and slowly each realize that they had a mutual crush while in Cuttack, 19 years ago while they were neighbors, but dared not to express it, given that it was way back in the 1980s, both of them were from conservative families and that Geethi was brought up in the orthodox Indian mindset. They were later separated coz of many reasons and they had no reason to worry as Geethi completed her higher studies and got married to Ravi(the best person in the novel, infact) and Sid had many encounters with women in the U.S.

As they kept sharing their lives, I got bored and decided to skip some pages and still they were doing the same business. I really lost my interest here, and at this juncture Sid indirectly hints on intimate physical relationship, which sends a bolt of lightening though the spine of Geethi. And Geethi stops her messaging with Sid (Missed out an earlier point - Sid asks for Geethi's phone number in their very first chat and she gently refuses - this story continues time and again)

Wait, the story doesn't end here, but rekindles the interest in the novel again. So grab a copy and give a read. It is worth reading the beginning and the ending.

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  1. Hey Kaushik!!! U've kindled my interest to write a blog :) I think im liking it... :) Thanx... first i wud continue with my diary which has lost its recognition from 2 yrz ;) :P Than yu again.

    1. Thanks a lot and thats really nice :) Happy that yu've got the interest back in writing.. and waiting to see yor blog soon :)