Saturday, February 2, 2013


Of late, there is some change within myself which I regret a lot, though I lost that feeling of regret once I started reading this book. I have not yet finished this book, while typing this post, though it has brought about a great change in my life and the way I think.

Though I was pretty normal all these days, all of a sudden some sort of changes occurred due to the arise of some strange thoughts in my mind. All of a sudden I got a thought as if I’m the last person on earth and the others have perished leaving me all alone here. I myself don’t know the exact reason for this sort of solitary feeling. Though I always loved being myself and being alone, for a few days I got this sort of thoughts. And ‘coz of this, I even stooped doing my favorite jobs – reading and writing. Rather I just sat alone and thought of some stupid stuffs.

It was then that one day I just went to the library in my neighborhood and my hands lay on this book. I thought it might be interesting and got it issued.

On reaching home, the book was laid to rest for a period of 4 days, when I just lost my memory that I had taken a book and I’ve got to read it.

Then one fine morning I opened the book to read it…


   You can.

   I wrote this book to show you how.

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These were the only lines written by the author, David J.Pollay in the first page of the book and it really got me into it. By the way I forgot to mention the caption that appears on the cover page ( image above )

..How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others…

I suppose I need not say more about the what this book might contain. The message is very much clear in the cover page and the first page. What exists in the 244 other pages is just the expansion of these lines. And I don’t consider myself, to be that intelligent and or in possession of any such trait and I began my journey through the book. I’m nearing halfway and hope I finish it by today night.

As I said earlier, just by reading the beginning half, I understood the truth of life and got a clearer view around me.

God Bless

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