Sunday, January 6, 2013

Training Days

The first post in the year 2013!! A great feeling of surviving the long awaited dooms day of 2012!! :D

This was the topic waiting a long, in the queue to be posted on..Yes my days in TCS. I had been long waiting to post on it right from the day I joined and i'm posting right after the day my training i.e., the initial phase of my days in TCS is done with!! OMG Procrastination!! High time I get rid of it!!!!!

A sneak of my office

Well, in a earlier post, I had mentioned about my meeting with Java and the continuation of it is still pending. And here I go about my experiences that I came across in those training days.

Posting after the entire stretch of training is done, proves an advantage too, as I can go about the entire thing rather posting a bit and 'hoping best for the rest'.

Let me start in the traditional way of starting a narration.....My training period started on 11th October. It was a bright day and I reached the office and was waiting out there. I met most of my college friends and was very excited very much and also relieved to meet most of my friends...blah...blah......and it ends here :P

Anyway there were not any roller-coaster moments or super-exciting twists worth to be mentioned and this period of time was a smooth boat ride. My technical moments were already said with HERE. It's time now for the other ones.

The IT field is the same as I had expected it to be, unlike the other times when my predictions go awkwardly wrong. Maybe it can also be too early for me to decide upon something.

The business-skill (biz-skills) sessions were the ones which I loved the most and was eagerly waiting for. Discovered several new stuffs and learnt many nuances in these sessions. And an another good thing was that my communication skills improved drastically compared to what I had in my college days and for this I have to appreciate myself and the others who helped me over this.

Let me stop with here, with this precise post. Catch you soon with my action in the forth coming days.

God Bless..