Friday, February 8, 2013

Music #1

Honestly saying(typing :P) I really don't know where and how to start about music. That's because I've so much to express and so many things come to my mind on the word music.

Music can be felt in everything and anything within and around us. The heartbeat of our mother while we reside in her womb, our first cry on arriving, the lullaby sung for us, the word that we speak, the joyous cry of our mom hearing our first word, the thud while we fall down walking the first time, our cry coz of hunger, our cry coz our nappy becomes wet, the laugh when we get tickled, the shouting that we do and get, the sound of rain, the horrifying sound of thunder, water flowing from the tap, an airplane flying, the sound of waves, the sound of vehicles, a dog barking, a cat meowing, the leaves rustling, the temple bell, the priest's chant, the mooing cow, the click of mouse, the keystrokes of keyboard, the printer printing, unfolding a newspaper, turning the pages of a book, opening and closing the lunch box, switching on the switch, OMG!! the list never seems to end. I need a lifetime to describe every music in life. Maybe that's not enough as we discover new music everyday.

The dictionary defines music as some sound which is pleasing. In that case every single person would have different taste in music. The definition of music is being broad, anyone can have their own customized definition and version of music.

Already being said that my thoughts about music is vast, I intend not to write a single post about it, rather a series of posts on music, which shows my thoughts and experiences in music, various kinds.

To start with, even before I had a formal initiation in music, the lesson which I learnt was, music be it any kind, is always divine. Different forms of music is similar to different colors of similar cups kept on a table. The colors alone vary, but not the quality or beauty of it.

Music has various genres - classical, blue, rock, pop, country, acid-rock, punk, electronic, hip-hop, rap, folk, jazz, etc etc etc..

A disturbing trend which I have noticed among few is that, they learn a particular kind of music and they get a feeling that the other genres is not as good as the music that they've learnt. Certain people who have learnt Carnatic Music consider Western genres as lesser forms, and some, who have knowledge in Western genres consider Carnatic as the music for retards!!

Music, be it whatever kind, is always Divine and gives the same effect, though it cannot be refuted that, if a person has knowledge in some kind of music, he can enjoy it more than the others, as he can understand the nuances (faults too) in that piece.

Thus saying I complete this post for now by sharing a beautiful piece of Carnatic Music.

Kriti : Dolayam
Composer : Annamacharya
Raga : Khamas
Tala : Adi
Language : Sanskrit
Renderer : M.S.Subbulakshmi

God Bless