Monday, March 11, 2013

Facebook #2 - Etiquette (The lack of it)

"I'd never stop if I keep writing about FB, and that should be the case with most of us, as we have had so much of indulgence with FB. Happy Reading, Happy FBing", thus saying I concluded the post Facebook, which was posted a few weeks back. And I begin the second part of the post with the same lines (Andhadhi1 Style :P) 

I wanted to update a status on the 'Etiquette' that has to be followed, and not being followed in Facebook. Since it's a lengthy lament, it's better that I post it here.

Basically the word 'Etiquette' means behaving in a professional and decent manner. Don't ask me where I got this definition. Blogging even without such basic knowledge would the 'EPIC facepalm moment of the century'

Image Courtesy - Facebook

Facebook is meant to connect with the people we know and make new friends and be in touch them. It's okay to make a part of our lives public and get our share of 'likes', 'comments' and 'shares'. And it's fun to return these favors. The problem (my problem) starts when someone crosses the gossamer thread. Tagging me in photos which are highly irrelevant to me, posting stupid posts on my wall, and the possibilities seem endless. Still funny is the fact that people are bothered about the likes and comments that I make. I can only hope and pray that these people get a life - a life which isn't obsessed with silly things.

For an example, during the Valentine's season last month, there were a hell lot of people who tagged me in photos, of which some gave out the meaning of love (as claimed to be), some giving the advantages of being single, some which gave color codes to follow on V day and what not! Of course FB gives me the option to choose whether to have the tag or remove it. That and friendship apart, why drag me into this non-sense? 

Still worse the comments which my posts attract. By the standards of FB and also the standards that I've set for myself, I make sure that I post well mannered stuff on my timeline. The fussy comments on these harmless posts make me go wild often. The 'Anniyan' in me wakes up when the comments contain phrases like "when did your job start and what is your starting pay?" (This comment on my profile picture), "what did you talk with her in the phone?" (On a harmless status), "with whom did you go to the film?" (On a status about the film which I saw) Believe me, these have happened! Wish I had taken a screenshots of those, so that it'd be useful to make this post more colorful :D

FB gives the facility to personally message me, and what is the need for this absurdity? When I remove the rubbish done by them, they get 'offended' and this small strain leads to a bigger rift.

I can post many more examples and you can recollect many such incidents involving yourselves.

This may not be an important social issue that needs any attention. But an annoyance that needs a full stop. 

Still more to come. Happy reading and Happy FBing with etiquette :)

God Bless


Andhadhi - A style of writing, where the context starts with the ending word/phrase of its previous one.


  1. Oh this list is endless Kaushik !!

  2. Ah yes! I'm not alone finally !!

    1. No one is lonely, considering this aspect :D

  3. We all have our angst against social media and we also revel in them. We are a bunch of contradictions and the only thing that is common to us is that we all are the same.

    Glad to see the word etiquette. It's seldom used online and offline.

    Joy always,

    1. That's the ultimate truth. It's almost like the situation where one sits in a glass room and stones the outsiders.
      Thank you :)

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  5. Atleast there is someone who shares my views.

  6. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

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