Thursday, March 7, 2013


Life Giving as a Mother,
Caressing as a Grand-Mother..

Nurturing as Nature,
Though fluctuating as Temperature..

Naughty personified Sister,
Beauty personified Life-Partner..

Gentle as the Breeze,
Unpredictable as the Sneeze..

Strict as a Teacher,
Still calm as a Preacher..

Happy as a Baby,
You are sharp and Savvy..

Will fight many a Combat,
Make a home cozy and Compact..

Can bake a good Egg,
And break a strong Leg..

Be a man's Wife,
Add meaning to his Life..

Epitome of Courage,
You are no Mirage..

Oh beautiful Sthree,
There's no parallel to Thee..
This, a dedication by me.


  1. Awesome Poem da :)
    Ur girl is very lucky :)
    welcome to the world of poems :)

  2. I'm wondering about the baking of the egg?

    Can it be like this:

    Can bake a good cake,
    And cure a strong ache

    For a first timer, it's a well thought out poem but there's immense scope for improvement.

    Joy always,

    1. Wow..this is more better :)
      thanks a lot :)
      sure will improve :)

  3. Nice one Kaushik :) Simple and elegant