Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Facebook #1

That I've posted about Google, i'd be doing grave injustice to my other dear friend, if I were not to post about him (plz do not mind the pronoun here) and hence this post is dedicated to Facebook.

I came to know about FB sometime in the year 2007 or so, but I (and my friends) was more interested and familiar with Orkut, the reigning social network at that time. But even them I had registered in every site that I was invited by my friends. These sites include Myspace, Facebook obviously and several others which I struggle to recollect at this moment, as I never used anyone of them, with the exception of FB.

Screenshot of my FB profile

Earlier I found FB boring to use, as it was too formal compared to Orkut. The themes and the various other colorful applications that made Orkut popular were missing here. Though there were some good apps here also, I found them not as much indulging as those in Orkut.

But then slowly FB was soon catching up, with interesting apps such as Farmville, Cityville and some more. These along with the professional look (the same look which I described as boring and formal earlier) brought in many people here. People started moving swiftly and steadily to FB and the destruction of Orkut was complete (not an apocalyptic destruction actually, though my words make it seem that way :P)

The best feature of FB was (and still) regulating the use of First and Last Name. Thanks to it that i'm able to remember even the last names (mostly the names of their dads) of the people of whom i'd be least bothered. Though I get irritated by the last names that some people would display (I do not wish to mention them here, you know what kind of)

An another thing that I love about FB is the way it keeps evolving. I do find a lot of people complaining about the changes, especially when the timeline was introduced, but I tend to differ. I had liked most of the changed that FB had made, except that it took some days to get accustomed to it. Some do post info that FB is trying to sell our details, and again i'm not bothered about it. We need to draw the line on how much information we share and our problems stop at the point where we draw the perfect line.

I'd never stop if I keep writing about FB, and that should be the case with most of us, as we have had so much of indulgence with FB. Happy Reading, Happy FBing

God Bless


  1. Looks like a FB Fan Club would soon start functioning. Please approve me once you start the page ;)

    Joy always,

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