Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Love - FOOD

How can I miss out the evergreen, favorite topic of one and all (there might be some exceptions, but I can't find any exceptional person who doesn't like food)

'There is no love sincerer than the love of food' says George Bernard Shaw, in his play 'Man and Superman' (Quote Courtesy - Quotations Page). And no one can disagree to this. On this Valentine's Day eve it is only obvious that I post about my first love (and of course gonna be with me always)

Food is the basic necessity for any living thing to survive. It is for the 'daily bread' that so much of struggle goes on all over.

For the sake of this post, let me localize the topic to the food of man, instead of food of any living thing. And let me not talk about the struggle for food. Let's concentrate on the love of food, for now.

When I started typing about food, the smell from kitchen is virtually pulling me out of room. That is the power of food, which acts upon me. 

My love affair with food had actually started even before I had realized what was going on in the world, and I had successfully carried on to date. We've never had any break up-patch up dramas :D I've never and will never miss out food on any occasion, citing silly reasons And that doesn't mean that I miss out food for valid reasons. Except that I fast only on one particular day in the entire year.

This symbol is (and going to be) very much a part of my life. I'm..or rather was brought up to be..vegetarian. And I have no regrets about it. Never was I tempted to try out non-veg, knowing or unknowing. And again I wish to quote from George Bernard Shaw - 'Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends' (Quote Courtesy - Brainy Quote) And I need not elaborate on this quote; it is simple and self explanatory.

Now coming to the varieties, many people assume that being a vegetarian leaves me with lesser choices, which is no way near the truth. I do not have any specific favorite and I just relish and enjoy every kind of food (within the limitations that I've set - being vegetarian) that I come across. South-Indian, North-Indian, Chinese, Chettinad, Tandoori, Punjabi, Continental, Mughlai, Udupi, Mysore, Kerala, etc, etc ,etc, etc are in fact the broad classification of the food varieties that I relish. If I intend to narrow down, then my lifetime wouldn't be sufficient to write down them all ;)

This one needs a special mention here. Earlier I said that I do not have any favorite food, though i'm partial to this one - Thachi Mamu - Thayir Saadam - Curd Rice or however you call it. It is the simplest of all foods, but the best of all (my partiality shows off here :D ) Squeezing the rice with chill curd with all the five fingers gives a pleasure that is unequalled in anywhere/anytime. Once the preparation is over, the yum..yum..yummy curd rice slides down the throat and that moment can't be described as you need to experience it :)

Normally when people discuss about food, many comfortably ignore or forget the other good parts of food. Yes you get it from the pic - cookies, pastries and the other bakery products. Being an all-rounder in food'ology (if such thing really exists), I give a 360 degree look in this case. Just imagine a life without these types of crunchies. How boring our class-rooms, picnics, midnight chats would have been without them?!

Now ends this post on my loved one. Sure would continue with much on the same. So keep reading, eating, loving.

Happy Valentine's Day

God Bless


  1. When you can eat your friend's brains, no harm in eating them at all ;)

    Good post, Kaushik.

    Joy always,